Monday, March 3, 2014


      It's been a while since I blogged. Life has a habit of getting in the way. But now that I'm back (so to speak) I thought I'd give a quick update as to what has been going on with me writing wise.
      My second round of revisions for my upcoming paranormal mermaid fantasy romance are in the hands of my agent. Currently waiting to see if another round is required before the big submission process to publishers. I'm on pins and needles.
    I'm hard at work on the second urban fantasy romance novel in my Demi-God Daughters series, GODDESS BY CHANCE. I'm about 15 chapters in and currently wondering if this book will be longer than the previous Demi-God Daughter book as I have not yet reached the first major arc of the story. I'll keep writing and see what happens.
     And also I'm working on another story and (drum roll please) I'm actually writing it on my laptop. Shocking yes. If you've read any of my previous blog posts you know that I predominately write in longhand using journals. So me creating a story on my laptop is completely out of the norm and quite surprising to me. The new story is tentatively titled DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS and it is not in the fantasy romance realm from which I usually write.
      After starting to read some romantic suspense novels, I decided I'd like to try and do something different than the genres I usually write in. The start of the novel was born from one simple sentence replaying over and over in my mind: "Last time I checked, it was my name on the door." Yep that pretty much started it. I don't know how the story will end up as I do not even have any of my usual few small planning tools I use per novel. This one will really come from the seat of my pants.
    So far I'm about 10K into DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS and I'm really enjoying writing it. Again, no idea how long it will be or what will ultimately happen at the end but I'm excited to see where it goes and even more excited my muse is speaking to me as I stare at the computer screen. I will share with you the current tagline I'm trying to keep in mind: Ava Nicole Hill's carefully ordered world is about to be turned upside down and she is powerless to stop it.
    In addition to trying to balance two novels at once, I also have purchased three writing resources I'm trying to find time to read: Showing & Telling; Bullies, Bastards & Bitches; and The Writer's Guide to Character Traits. I don't know about you but I believe a writer should never stop learning or trying to improve their craft. Do you have any resources you can't live without? Are you working on one or more projects? Drop me a line. I'd love to know.

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