Saturday, January 7, 2017


         Hi All,
I'm back. I've been off the grid for a while and we are days into a new year that none of us have any idea what to expect. (I'm looking at you America.) 2016 was a year of extreme highs and extreme lows for me. For starters, in February I dissolved my relationship with an agent that was no longer working for me. It was tough and not something I took lightly. To be quite honest, I was terrified. I worried that I had killed my chances of ever seeing my books in print on a shelf. Then there was the fear of going it on my own. Ultimately I decided to take a leap of faith and go where my heart lead me to go.
2016 also saw the publication of three novels with my name on them. Yes, 3. Cue Extreme High. This was a big deal for me. At the same time I was also confronted with the reality that one of my publishers was closing and I had no idea what in the hell was going to happen to my books with them, including the recently released, Devious Little Lies. Ultimately after many cuts and layoffs the publisher was able to stay open. However, the back and forth did absolutely nothing for my books sales which suffered tremendously. Cue Extreme Low.
But the show must go on and on the positive side of things I dipped my toes into the wonderful world of self-publishing by teaming up with the amazing Bethany-Kris to create the Gun Moll series. Cue Extreme High for two best selling books. Not only is Bethany-Kris, a supremely talented writer, but she is also an acute businesswoman and good friend. I've learned so much from working with her. Again, Cue Extreme High.
I never make resolutions because I never keep them, but I want to do more as far as my writing career is concerned. Here are my tentative plans:
1. Madame Moll-Book 3 of the Gun Moll series will be published and conclude Mac and Melina's journey.
2. Bethany-Kris and I are also planning at least 1 standalone story set in the same world as Mac and Melina, so look out for it.
3. I'm currently working on my first contemporary African American romance, Crossing Lines. I plan to self-publish it sometime this year. Cue big leap for me.
4. I'm currently in the process of revising my #ownvoices fairytale romance to submit to agents and publishers. Let me just say this is not your Disney fairytale. Shit happens.
5. Complete my third and final Demi-God Daughters novel, Goddess by Surrender.
So yeah, let's see if it all comes to fruition between nursing jobs and school. Fingers crossed.
Also if you haven't had a chance to experience the various works I've created, they can all be found here: