Sunday, March 19, 2017


      Last time I blogged I shared with you that Samhain Publishing had closed and I would be self-publishing the two novels I had contracted with them. Well the first of them is available now, Dirty Little Secrets: A Soap Opera Mafia Romance. You can find it here:

     So that brings me to what I'm sure some are wondering, what exactly is a soap opera mafia romance? Well it's actually a term I came up with. After Dirty Little Secrets was published the first time naturally I was proud of it, but I soon came to realize my novel was not authentically mafia based. What do I mean? I mean that there are a lot of rules and traditions when it comes to writing true to life, authentic Cosa Nostra fiction or otherwise. Dirty Little Secrets is not one of those novels, mainly because it was inspired by my love for one particular soap opera, General Hospital.

     Anyone who has ever watched General Hospital knows who the divinely handsome mob boss, Sonny Corinthos is. I first became interested in the mafia from watching his storylines on TV. Let's just say after 20 something years of watching I got a little hooked. I loved the over the top stories, the resurrections from the dead, the danger and rivals determined to take Sonny down, not to mention the ladies that captured and lost his heart. Needless to say I wanted to write something just like that. From that desire Dirty Little Secrets was born.

    So what are the ingredients that make up A Soap Opera Mafia Romance? Equal parts sizzling romance, equal parts over the top somewhat unbelievable drama with a dash of modern mafia thrown in for good measure. So if following the life of a sexy mob widow who may or may not fall for her possible stepson appeals to you, then Dirty Little Secrets: A Soap Opera Mafia Romance is exactly the novel you're looking for!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Saying Goodbye & Keeping It Moving


 Hi Everyone,

       Yes. I'm making another sporadic post. I'm sorry. I'm trying to do better. As some of you may or not know Samhain Publishing has officially closed their "doors," for good. Yes Samhain is no more. As of yesterday, their website had gone completely dark. So what happens to the two novels I have published with them, Dirty Little Secrets and Devious Little Lies? For now both are still available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Books-A-Million but they will soon be removed from those vendors as well. The print copies of both books will remain on Amazon until they run out of stock.

      This sounds like a hot mess, doesn't it? It is. But me and all the other writers that have published with Samhain have no choice but to say goodbye, thanks for the opportunity and keep it moving. As for my two novels, I am currently waiting to receive my rights back and then both Dirty Little Secrets and Devious Little Lies will be self-published with brand new covers and new and improved content on Amazon. So stay tuned for the rebirth of my sexy, mafia soap operas and if you didn't have a chance to enjoy the older woman/younger man romances the first time, catch them on the next go-round.

Live. Love. Stay Fierce.