Thursday, January 16, 2014


   While you know that I'm a novelist, not many know that I am also an amateur poet and lyric writer, so I decided that in addition to my journey through the world as a novelist, why not share some of my poetry as well. So here it goes. This one is called Life.

Tear me down

Destroy my happiness

How did my life get to be such a mess?


Break my spirit

Shatter it all apart

Stop the very beating of my heart


Bring the rain

Let it flow

Flood my very soul


I can’t fight

What I can’t see

But the strength is in me


Somewhere there

Down deep inside

Is a fragile seed gasping for life


Will it grow?

Can it breathe?

Will it succeed?


That’s to be determined

Right now I don’t know

Just pray for my growth

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