Monday, June 1, 2015


      The photo above describes exactly how I feel. I am so beyond happy that I finished my 6th novel on time and turned it in to meet my deadline. Yes. Yes. Yes. Why am I so happy? Simple I managed to write a 98K novel in the midst of going to nursing school and in the process I realized I can crank out a novel in less time than I thought I could. Though I wrote intermittently and not consecutively, it only took me 64 days to write my latest novel, Devious Little Lies. That's roughly 3 months and 4 days so if you think about it, in a perfect world I could write 3 novels a year. Okay, maybe I'm stretching. After all I do have to take real life into account, but still under the high stress and craziness I'm proud because I know I can do it.
         In the now 3 years since I've been writing I've switched from paranormal to fairytale retellings and now to mafia suspense. Believe it or not I've enjoyed all of the genres I've written in and I have plans to add a few more to my list and herein lies my current problem...what now? What next?
       I have no clue what to start on next and it's certainly not because I don't have ideas. I have a notebook full of them. So why can't I just pick something you ask? Because there are some things to consider. I miss writing paranormal with a passion. It was the first genre I started out in and my first love. Unfortunately unless you're a big name with a big fan base a lot of paranormals are not being picked up right now. The same for the fairytale retellings I was writing and falling in love with. So for now, they have to be on the backburner regardless of how much I want otherwise.
      It sounds all well and good to write what you love, but I love pretty much everything. And secondly, writing what you love may cause your novel to never get picked up if you're attempting to go the traditional route like I am. So for now I'm looking and pondering, making notes, moving things around and trying to decide what direction do I go in next. Will it be the historical saga calling to my heart? Or the action adventure? Or a mystery? Or another dip into the world of organized crime? I don't know. I just hope my muse will tell me what she wants to write next.
       How do you decide what to write next? Drop me a line and share.

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