Thursday, April 2, 2015


               Every author has their own little quirks when it comes to creating stories. For me, I've always loved the physical act of writing. A pen in my hand, a blank sheet of paper or a cool, hard back journal. It feels like I can connect with my story and characters on a deeper level if I'm putting down the words in my own handwriting. Of course it takes a lot longer to write a novel because your hand tends to get tired. Oh yeah, and there's the unfortunate realization that you still have to type up the story anyway if you want to send it anywhere.
             But stubbornly I refused to follow other authors and I painstakingly wrote my first four novels by hand and then typed them up. In the midst of my convoluted process, a few of my author friends teased me. Of course I tried to explain my rationale, but they still just laughed until one of them made it her mission to convince me to write a story on my laptop. Yes I'm talking about you my friend
          Of course I thought the whole idea was ludicrous. I had like 30 hardback journals lying around I bought for the specific purpose of filling with my novels. No way I was writing strictly by laptop. Nope. I was convinced my muse wouldn't speak to me. No way was this happening. But my friend kept pestering me to try it. Finally, weary from battle with her I agreed to give it a shot. Naturally I expected nothing to come of this. My muse was old fashioned like me. She likes pens and journals.
          And so I wrote the first sentence: "Last time I checked it was my name on the door."  With that sentence written I sat there a moment and waited. And then the name of the character who was speaking popped into my head. Ava. (She's named after my favorite female character on General Hospital). So I plugged along and decided she'd be a kick ass businesswoman. I wrote a little more and then decided she'd be the beautiful young widow of a notorious mob boss. By this time I was really getting into it and before I knew it...I'd completed my first chapter.
       I couldn't believe it. My muse hadn't abandoned me. She was fully cooperating. Maybe Robin had been right. Maybe I could do this. And so with slightly more comfort than I initially thought I brought Dirty Little Secrets to life. So 6 months later, I'd given birth to a novel written all on my laptop and it was damn good. Good enough my agent loved it and was excited about. And finally it was good enough to get me my first book deal with a major publisher.
      Looking back over things, Dirty Little Secrets would have never come to life if it were not for Robin pushing me to step out of my comfort zone and try something new. And because of her I have completed a new novel in a new genre and now I'm halfway finished with my second novel written completely on the laptop. My muse is still with me and I'm inspired even more now to step out of my comfort zone and explore new things with my writing. It's amazing what one little push can do. Thanks Robin. I owe you.

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