Monday, January 19, 2015


      I'm sure in our every day lives we all feel a bit stretched thin, and pulled in too many directions. But what about in your writing life? For me that answer is a firm and loud YES! Ever since I started writing, I've been pulled in too many directions by my muse. What do I mean? Well I usually have a WIP I'm trying to finish before moving on to something new. But unfortunately for me, my muse usually has other ideas, such as me abandoning my current project and taking her advice to start on this shiny, new project that will be much more interesting than what I'm already working on.
     This never fails to happen to me. If I'm working on a paranormal, the muse is telling me I should be writing suspense. If I'm doing suspense, the muse is telling me I should try something new like a historical or thriller. This is a constant battle for me. I am happy to have the fresh ideas that my muse provides but I need her not to keep pulling me in so many directions. (Especially now when I'm on a deadline.)
      Being as firm as I can I try my best to put my muse's new ideas on pause until I complete my current WIP. But sometimes I get a little weak and am no longer able to fight the temptation of writing something on the new idea I've been provided with. Has this ever happened to you? If so, what do you do? Are there any projects your muse is currently tempting you to abandon? Drop me a line.

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