Thursday, September 26, 2013


        I have always loved to read. In school, I discovered that I was also a pretty good writer too. But I never seriously  considered being a serious writer until I discovered Jackie Collins.

  The first Jackie Collins novel I ever read was Dangerous Kiss , A Lucky Santangelo Novel. At the time I read Dangerous Kiss, it was the most recent in the Lucky Santangelo series. I fell in love with Jackie's writing. It was descriptive, interesting, and to top it all off, she'd created a female character who was so tough she could kick anyone's ass! Lucky didn't take crap from anyone and to top it all off she was a gorgeous, business savvy mob princess. Call me biased but I think Lucky Santangelo is the greatest female character ever created.
      After devouring Dangerous Kiss, I read the rest of the books in the Lucky Santangelo series before moving on to reading every book Jackie had written at the that time. Today I own them all. I love how Jackie would always tell aspiring writers that she was a reform school drop out with no writing background. She just sat down one day and decided she wanted to do it. And that is the same advice she gives to her fans. If you want to write, stop talking about it. Just do it.
      So I took Jackie's advice and I did it. I wrote my first story ever, One In A Billion. It was about a young woman who won a contest to spend a month with her favorite male singer who ultimately left his girlfriend for her. I can honestly say that the story was so bad and so cheesy I ripped it to shreds (literally) and threw it in the trash. It was terrible, not the idea itself but some parts about it were. Still I was encouraged. Years later, the idea for my own mafia series was born: Mafia Marriage. I have written 17 chapters of the first novel in the series, For The Sake Of Convenience. Interestingly enough it is the first novel I started as an adult. One day I hope to finish it. That is if I can stop coming up with new ideas for new novels.
    Without Jackie Collin's simple, but yet very important advice, I probably would've never kept attempting to write a novel. Because Jackie's kick ass writing has always shown that women can do anything, I'm doing just that: following my dream of becoming a published author and continuing to write so that I can share my stories with the world.

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