Monday, April 4, 2016


  Devious Little Lies is my second Organized Crime Romance with Samhain Publishing. It has no connection to my previous Samhain release Dirty Little Secrets. I can't wait for everyone to meet Rena Rosetti and Shane Van Adams.

They say love is complicated. They never said it could be deadly.

Sometimes the thing you want most can cost you everything.
After ten tumultuous years as the wife of a feared mob boss—five of them spent alone, thanks to her husband’s incarceration—Rena Rosetti is tired of watching the men Tony left in charge ruin his criminal empire.
Though she has a fight on her hands, she’s determined to prove that the old-school ways of Cosa Nostra need to be permanently laid to rest. But power means nothing with no one at her side.
Rena has done her best to ignore the fire Shane Van Adams ignites in her, because… he’s her daughter Tricia’s boyfriend. But when Tricia decides she no longer wants him, Rena isn’t prepared for the onslaught when Shane turns those penetrating hazel eyes her way.
Finally, Rena has everything she ever wanted. But all things come with a price, and she’s made some dangerous enemies. Forced to battle mob rivals out to take her down, she must face the harshest truth of all—that the greatest danger she faces is the man sharing her bed.

Warning: Advanced mind games between a sassy broad who bites her tongue for no one, and a younger man who, given the chance, could have been the smoothest criminal of all.

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