Friday, June 20, 2014



    What can I say? I'm a hopeless romantic. Always have been. I firmly place the blame for that on Disney. After growing up seeing my favorite princesses get their happily ever after I believed the same thing would happen for me sooner than later. Fast forward many years later. I'm 26 and a half with no romantic prospects in sight. Yeah. I'm being completely honest. Even post high school and college it's hard to escape the "smart girl only" label.

     You might say, "Well if your love life sucks you should hate romance." That is a very valid argument but I'm just the opposite. Because I have spent so many years alone I decided if I can't do anything about my own romantic destiny, then I sure can do something about someone else's. Hence my desire to write romance was born.

    I love to read in pretty much all genres, but there is just something about romance. The joy of discovering a new attraction. The angst between two people as they try to deny their feelings but eventually have to give in to them. The dawning of new love. Yes. That is romance and why I love it so much.

   In all honesty there are times when I do get frustrated with the genre. There have been times I have thrown a novel down and lamented that a handsome billionaire hadn't come to sweep me off my feet. But that's life. You have to roll with the punches. So until my billionaire/Prince Charming/reformed bad boy comes along to help sweep me off my feet I will continue to write romance.

   With every new story I come up with, I've come to see that every heroine has some aspect of my personality, whether it is wondering if she is pretty enough or her naivety about life. Every hero has some aspect of what I'd like to see in the man what finally sweeps me off my feet. So in a way, writing romance allows me to give myself the happily ever after I have not yet found. So in a sense I am in control of my own romantic destiny and I love it.

   We all want to be loved and appreciated for who we are and as long as the stories continue coming to me, there will be many more happy endings to come.

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